Sunday 11 May 2014

Best Free Web Hosting Sites Without Advertisements

Best Free Web Hosting Sites Without Advertisements
Web hosting sites provide web space to host websites and files online. There are some free web hosting sites which offer free hosting space but they offer limited services. Free web hosting sites display ad banners on their hosted sites and bandwidth provided by them is also limited. They don't offer database, email accounts, FTP and web builder. Usually webmasters use GoDaddy, Bigrock, Hostgator and Bluehost etc to host their websites because they offer superb services, but these are not free. They charge you some amount to provide their services. In this post, I'm sharing some best free web hosting sites which offer services like paid hosting sites but don't charge you a single penny! If you are a web designer or want to host a website/blog, then you may give these a try.

1. GoogieHost

This hosting site offers 20 GB hosting space, 200 GB bandwidth, FTP, Emails, Database and website builder for those who don't know coding. The best thing of this hosting site is that it provides 98% uptime for your site without any advertisements.

2. HourB Hosting

This hosting site provides unlimited web hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, CPanel with auto script installer, unlimited domain hosting, free sub domain and unlimited email accounts.

3. $0Hosting

This hosting site provides unlimited webspace, unlimited email, unlimited bandwidth, website import option, auto script installer, unlimited domains, unlimited database, unlimited FTP accounts, free subdomain and 99.9% uptime.

4. BYET Internet Services

If you choose the free plan of this site, you get 1 GB hosting space, FTP account and file manager, cPanel, MySQL and PHP database, Free tech support, Addon domains, Parked domains and sub domains, free forum access, no ads!

5. FreeHosting

This web hosting site offers 20 GB hosting space, 200 GB bandwidth, 3 PHP versions, free website builder, POP3 mail account, free domain hosting, free subdomains, Ad free!

6. FreeHostia

Chocolate plan of freehostia is free. In this plan, you get 250 MB free hosting space, 6 GB bandwidth, 5 domain hosting support, 1 MySQL database, auto script installer, no forced advertisements.

7. FreeeDuHost

This hosting site provides 100 GB monthly bandwidth, 10 GB web space, 10 addon domains, 10 parked domains, 10 subdomains, php sendmail, 10 MySQL databases, 1 FTP account and a free website builder without advertisements.

8. 2FreeHosting

This web hosting site offers 20 GB Web Space, 150 GB bandwidth, free subdomain and free CPanel without any advertisements.

9. UHostAll

This site offers unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, no forced ads, free mysql database, free mail box with virus scanner and spam filter, website stats and one click script installer.

10. x10Hosting

This site offers PHP 5, unlimited web space, MySQL 5, Auto Script Installer, free website builder etc without ads.

11. Hostinger

This free hosting site offers 2 GB web space, 100 GB bandwidth, PHP and MySql database, No forced ads, auto script installer and website builder.

So, these are the best free web hosting sites picked by me. If you know other free web hosting sites which offer great service without forced ads, then mention them in comments.

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