Tuesday 13 May 2014

Killer tips to improve alexa rank of your blog

Killer tips to improve alexa ranking
Now a days, Alexa is being popular day by day to measure the popularity and traffic of a website. Every blogger is looking for some tips and tricks to improve alexa rank of his/her blog. Some of them are hiring experts to improve their blog's alexa ranking. I have posted a brief intro of Alexa in my blog few days ago. In this post, I'll tell you some killer ways to improve your blog's alexa rank within 3 months. Believe me, these tricks work perfectly but few of these are against Pro Blogger fashion, but if you are struggling to improve your alexa rankings, then you may follow these tips.

1. Publish A Review of Alexa In Your Blog

I've noticed that after publishing any post related to alexa with a dofollow backlink makes the alexa rank of the blog better. It sounds silly but it is personally tested by me and really works. So every blogger must publish at least one post related to Alexa in his/her blog.

2. Create An Alexa Toolbar of Your Blog and Distribute It to Your Freinds

If you've read my previous post on Alexa, then you might be aware of this fact that Alexa measures the traffic of a site through the data collected by Alexa Toolbar. If your blog visitors are using alexa toolbar, then your Alexa rankings will be improved. So, create an account on Alexa and create a toolbar for your blog and tell your friends to install it in their computers.

3. Publish Interviews of Other Bloggers

This method is against Pro Blogger fashion, that's why I don't use it. But you know, this is the trick which works faster than any other trick to improve alexa rankings. The reason behind it, again, Alexa toolbar + Referral traffic. Any new blogger wants to see his name being featured in other blogs and feels proud in it. So, you may choose some bloggers who are of such type. Ask them for a text based interview and publish their interviews in your blog. What you get in return? You get a part of their own traffic. Those bloggers and most of their visitors use Alexa toolbar and their visit to your blog improves your alexa rank. When you publish their interviews in your blog, they share your blog's link with their friends and visitors. In this way, you get more unique visitors and your blog gets some publicity also. (You should try to interview new bloggers with good number of visitors. They don't reject you because they feel proud when someone asks them for an interview. But don't try to ask for interviews to Pro Bloggers, because they are totally neutral towards giving interviews for any other blogger. They are business minded and they accept interview proposals of reputed and high quality media sites only).

4. Other Methods

The above three tips work perfectly. There are still some ways to improve your Alexa rank and you can read them by clicking here.

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