Thursday 23 January 2014

Change Battlefield 4 Language From Russian To English

Change Battlefield 4 Language From Russian To English
BattleField 4 is a very popular game these days and is being downloaded by lots of the people from unauthorized sources, like torrentz. Well, after downloading and installing this game, most of them find its default language either Russian or Polish. These languages are not understandable by everyone. So, if you have also got this game and have been facing problems with its language, then I have a great solution to make the game's default language English.

Follow The Instructions Below:

  • Download English Language Pack for battlefield 4 and extract it. (Well, its about 800 mb, but don't worry, just download it and it will surely work for you.)
  • You will get two dll files and one folder in the downloaded file. Copy the two dll files and paste them inside C:\Program Files\Origin Games \BATTLEFIELD 4\
  • If the dll files already exist there, just replace them.
  • Now, from downloaded file, go to Data>Win32 and copy the folder named Loc.
  • Now paste the copied folder into C:\Program Files\Origin Games \BATTLEFIELD 4\Data\Win32.
  • If it asks to replace the exiting folder, click Yes.
  • Now, download this registry tweak and run it to implement it in windows registry.
  • That's all we needed. Your English Language Pack is installed now and set as default language.


  1. does it work with the latest version?

  2. unable to download what to do nw?

    1. File was hosted in an external mirror and it seems that it is deleted from the server. You can try looking up this thread


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