Friday 24 January 2014

How To Share Your Computer Screen Without Any Software

How To Share Your Computer Screen Without Any Software
Most of the times, when we face some problems in our computer, we have to get it fixed by any tech expert or by any of our geek friend. Usually they use TeamViewer or LogMeIn software to connect to our pc and share our screen to fix the problem. But you have not installed any of these softwares in your computer and want to share your computer screen, I'm going to tell you about a website which allows you to share your screen without any software.

Follow the instructions:

1. Visit
2. Now click Share Your Screen Now button.
click the button to connect
3. Now it will ask you to run java plugin, allow it to run.
4. Now it will give you a code. Tell the person who wants to share your screen to go to and enter that code to connect.
5. Now after entering the code, the other person can access your desktop and troubleshoot your problem.
6. You can pause or stop screen sharing anytime.
connected now

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