Sunday 26 January 2014

Install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean In PC

Install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean In PC
Android is a very popular mobile operating system, but do you know you can install it in your computer also. Well, I'm going to tell you how to install android OS in a computer.

Follow the instructions below:

1. First of all, download Oracle VM VirtualBox from here and Android x86 4.3 ISO file from here.
2. Install VirtualBox in your computer and run it.
3. Select NEW. A Dialog box will appear, Enter the name you wish for your OS and select Type as LINUX and version as OTHER LINUX and click NEXT.
4. Now choose the amount of RAM you would like for your virtual machine. Use at least 1GB for this step.
5. In the next step, select CREATE A VIRTUAL HARD DRIVE NOW and click CREATE button.
6. Now in the next step, select VDI and click NEXT.
7. Now set storage space for your OS as per your requirements and click CREATE button. I recommend 8 GB.
8. Now your virtual machine is set. All you need to do is add the location of the Android 4.3 image file. Click on  the settings button in virtualbox. Under the settings navigate to storage, below the storage tree select empty and click on the disk image and select "choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file" and select the android 4.3 image. Check the Live CD/DVD box and click OK.
choosing android image file for virtualbox
9. Double click on your virtual machine to start it and click OK for all the dialog boxes. Select Install Android-X86 to hard disk and click OK for all the dialog boxes.
start android iso
boot from android iso
10. Now after starting the ISO file, we need to create a partition for the Android OS. Don't worry, it will not harm your windows OS. Select CREATE/MODIFY PARTITIONS and click OK.
partition creation
11. In the next windows select new > primary and then specify the size of the new partition .
specify size of partition
12. Your new partition has been created. Select WRITE and press enter and type "YES" and press enter again when prompted. In the next window select quit and press enter.
partition created successfully
13. Now a new window will appear. Here, select the Sda1 and press enter. Select the ext3 file system and press enter. When prompted to install grub loader select YES. Select NO when prompted to make your system directory as read-write.
14. Now Android OS is installed in your virtual machine. Select RUN ANDROID -X86 and press enter. Click OK if any prompts appear. Then you will see your android loading screen.
run android
15. Now you will see your welcome screen. Fill the required details and you will see the home screen.
android welcome screen

android home screen on computer

android menu in computer

android settings in computer
16. To remove android OS from your virtualbox, just right click on the ISO file and click REMOVE.
removing android

NOTE: You might need to enable virtualization in your computers BIOS. You can enable it from your PC’s BIOS as shown below.
BIOS Settings

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