Sunday 19 January 2014

How To Listen Text On A Webpage

How To Listen Text On A Webpage
I told you how to convert text to speech in any application, and now I'll tell you how can you listen text from webpages. This trick will be useful for those people who are facing eye sight problem. This trick will also be useful when you are reading a long paragraph online and your eyes are tired, then you can listen the whole paragraph easily.

Follow the steps below:

1. Click Here to go to chrome web store and get SpeakIt extension.
2. Now add it to your chrome browser.
add speakit to chrome
3. After adding the extension, you will see a speaker icon on the top right side, beside the address bar.
speaker icon added
4. Now open any webpage and select the text you want to listen. Then click on the Speaker icon of the extension. It will read the text for you.
reading webpages

Note: To change the settings of SpeakIt, such as Voice, Speed, Language etc then right click on the Speaker icon and click SETTINGS. A new page will open with the settings options of SpeakIt.

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