Friday 24 January 2014

How to check all pending friend requests on facebook

How to check all pending friend requests on facebook
Most of the facebook users send so many friend requests even to unknown person also. In the sent requests, there may be lots of profiles which are inactive or fake. So, it is necessary to check these un-responded requests and cancel them. But it is hard to remember the names of the people to whom friend requests were sent so you may feel it very difficult to find the pending sent friend requests and cancel them.
There are lots of facebook apps on facebook who offer to check your pending friend requests but 99% of them are fake and steal your personal information. So, I am going to tell you an amazing trick to know your pending friend requests to be accepted and cancel them manually.
Just click this link and you will see the list of unaccepted friend requests.
Now you can manually cancel them. Enjoy.

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