Thursday 23 January 2014

Use Your Android Mobile As Wireless Computer Speaker

Use Your Android Mobile As Wireless Computer Speaker
Have you ever thought that your mobile can work as a computer speaker...?? It sounds funny but it may be useful to listen your favorite songs when your speakers stop working due to any problem. Well, it's possible using a small application called "SoundWire". Make sure that your computer and mobile is wifi enabled and are connected together on the same network.

Follow the steps:

1. Download and install SoundWire from here.
2. Now install SoundWire android app in your mobile from google play store.
3. After installing the application in mobile and computer, open it in both the devices.
soundwire pc app
4. The SoundWire desktop application will show an ip address on its screen. Put the same ip address in the mobile app and click connect.
soundwire mobile app
5. That's it. Now play any song in your computer and you will listen it in your mobile.

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