Tuesday 21 January 2014

Lock Your Computer With Pattern Lock Just Like Android

Most of you might have been using android devices and might be using pattern lock to protect your device from unauthorized access. In the same way, you can use pattern lock for your computer also. You might be thinking that I'll tell you any way to install android operating system in your computer, but no, I'll tell you about a software which can be used to enable pattern lock feature in your computer.

Eusing Maze Lock:
This app is a free app which enables pattern lock for your computer. You have to download it and install it in your computer. After installation, you will have to set your pattern to unlock your computer. When you turn ON your computer, the unlock screen will appear and after drawing the correct pattern, your computer will be unlocked. But if someone tries to access your computer and enters a wrong pattern 3 times, it starts giving a warning and starts playing a siren. Isn't it cool. So, download it from here and use it for a better security.
Lock Your Computer With Pattern Lock Just Like Android

eusing pattern lock for computer

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