Friday 24 January 2014

Unable To See Files In Pen Drive : Fix It

Unable To See Files In Pen Drive : Fix It
Today, I went to the home of my friend and he showed me an 8 GB pen drive which was full of images, documents and movies but after plugging it in computer and opening it, there were nothing in it. Although through properties, I could see that 80% of the pen drive was full and antivirus also was showing that files were being scanned by it, but after opening the drive, it didn't show anything in it. Then I tried to view the files using DIR command in command prompt but there also, it was reported empty. My friend was so worried because it he had stored his college documents and some important photos in it. He asked me to find a solution and get the files back, so I applied a small trick and within 2 minutes, his files came back and were visible in the drive. If you are also facing such type of problem with your pen drive, then use this trick.

Follow the instructions:

1. First of all, scan your pen drive with any good antivirus, such as AVG Antivirus.
2. If no any virus is detected, then open notepad, go to Save As and save the file in the root of the pen drive as autorun.inf and autorun.ini (Suppose your drive is F:, then save the file as F:\autorun.inf and F:\autorun.ini)
3. Now open command prompt and type the following command and press enter key:
attrib -h -r -s /s /d F:\*.* 
4. When command is successfully executed, exit from command prompt and now open the drive of your pen drive. You will see that your files are now visible.

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