Saturday 1 March 2014

Microsoft Ends Support For Windows XP From April 2014

Microsoft Ends Support For Windows XP From April 2014
Windows XP had been the most favourite operating system of people for the past 12 years and even after the launch of its later operating systems by Microsoft, the popularity of Windows XP didn't decrease because its interface was very easy to use for people and it was equipped with better features and support. When Microsoft launched Windows 8, it became very popular among the users and then it became clear that Windows XP is about to die.
Finally, the sad time has come for Windows XP lovers. Microsoft has officially announced that they will end the support for Windows XP after 8 April, 2014. After this date, technical assistance including automatic updates for Windows XP users will not be available. Microsoft will stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials download for windows XP users, although they will receive MSE updates for a limited time only.
So, what to do now? The only option left for Windows XP users is purchasing a new pc with the latest Windows 8.1 operating system or upgrade your computer with a newer operating system by Microsoft.

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