Saturday 22 March 2014

How to enable check-boxes to select multiple files in windows 8

How to enable check-boxes to select multiple files in windows 8
While selecting multiple files in windows, we generally press ctrl key and then click the files to make multiple selections. But sometimes we have a large number of files and we need to select the multiple random files to copy or delete them and accidentally if we click on any file without holding the ctrl key, all the selected files get deselected. This situation is very irritating. So, to get rid of this problem, you can enable check-boxes and select your files without pressing ctrl key. Lets see how to enable check-boxes for selecting files and folders in windows 8.

Method 1:

1. Press Win+F keys to open windows search.
2. Now type Folder Options and click SETTINGS category.
windows search
3. Now click FOLDER OPTIONS from search results.
open folder options
4. Now click VIEW tab and then select USE CHECK BOXES TO SELECT ITEMS and then click Apply and then click OK..
folder options

Method 2:

1. Open Computer.
2. Click VIEW tab and then click ITEM CHECK BOXES.
3. Now you can see that check boxes are enabled and you can select multiple files by clicking the check boxes of the files/folders.
check box enabled in windows 8
You can watch this video tutorial for better understanding:


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