Wednesday 26 March 2014

Free Certified Course of Google Analytics

Free Certified Course of Google Analytics
Google Analytics is the mostly used platform by webmasters to check the traffic stats of their websites. Google Analytics offers high quality data of a website/blog including bounce rate, visitor behaviour, contry, unique visitors, browsers involved and much more.
Currently, analyticsacademy is offering a certificate course on Google Analytics and after completing this course, you will get a certificate from google. This course is completely free of cost.

Steps to Enroll For the Course

  • Visit google analytics course offer page from this link.
  • Click Register Now button.
  • Take all its online study material.
  • Take and qualify the final test.
  • Get your certification.
The course highlights include the four components of the Analytics Platform : Collection, Processing, Configuration and Reporting, How analytics collect the data you need across different devices, How the collected data is converted into the reports which you see and Key concepts to customize your analytics data in useful ways.

Course Schedule

  • Pre-Course Survey
  • Unit 1 – Platform Fundamentals
  • Unit 2 – Collection
  • Unit 3 – Processing & Configuration
  • Unit 4 – Reporting
  • Final Assessment
  • Post-Course Survey
  • Glossary

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