Tuesday 25 March 2014

How to add tag information in MP3 files

How to add tag information in MP3 files
Adding tag information in mp3 files is a good idea to make the mp3 file carry its title, cover art, artist name, track number etc within it. You might have seen that these tag information appear while playing any mp3 file in the music player. In apple ipod, you may hear these tag details also. There are so many softwares which can add tag information in any mp3 file but most of them are paid. I'll tell you about a free tool which is excellent for adding or changing tag information of mp3 files.

Mp3tag : A Superb Tool to Add Tag Info In MP3 Files

Mp3tag is an awesome tool which can add tag information in your mp3 files, and the biggest plus point is that it is free. It supports aac, mp3, flac, ape, mp4, ogg, opus, ofr, ofs, spx, tak, tta, wma and wav formats. You can get proper tags and cover art automatically using its online database lookups.

How to Use Mp3tag

Using Mp3tag is very simple. Just follow these steps:
1. First of all, download Mp3tag from here and install it in your computer.
2. After installation, right click on your mp3 file and click Mp3tag.
mp3tag context menu
3. Now Mp3tag editor window will be opened. Click on the song name in the right panel and edit the tag details in the right panel.
4. To add album art, right click on the album art area and click Add Cover option.
edit tag info in mp3
5. Now choose your cover art and click SAVE button.
save mp3tag info in mp3
6. That's it. Your tag info is saved in the mp3 file. Whenever you will play it in any media player, you will see the tag details.

Note: You can open multiple mp3 files in Mp3tag and edit the tag info by clicking on the filename.

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