Tuesday 4 March 2014

Why Some Bloggers Show Fake Income Reports In Their Blogs

Why Some Bloggers Show Fake Income Reports In Their Blogs
You might have seen that some bloggers show their income reports in their blogs to attract visitors to their blog. They say that they earn thousands of dollars just in one week. After looking at those income reports, you might be thinking that those bloggers are really PRO BLOGGERS and have great knowledge of blogging. I've noticed that in India, 1 out of 4 bloggers says that he is a pro blogger and shows his income reports to make the visitors impressed. But a PRO BLOGGER nevers needs to show his income reports in his blog. He earns a handsome amount from his blog and pays income tax to the government silently.Then why these stupid self called "PRO BLOGGERS" need to show fake screenshots of income report? Let me explain you the reason behind it.

1. To gain attention of internet users

These self called "Pro Bloggers" make fake screenshots of adsense income and other online income reports (you can also do it by using webpage editing javascript and photoshop. AdSense fake screenshot generators are also available online) to gain the attention of internet users. If any person visits their blogs and sees their income reports, he thinks that they are making millions using their blogs and he subscribes that blog and visits that blog regularly to know the secrets of online money making.

2. To increse social media followers

These bloggers try to drive traffic from social media from their followers. So, they show unbelievable amount of their earnings in social media, such as in facebook groups and pages and when any social media user looks at his posts, he immediately follows the blogger either by adding him in friends list or by liking his page. These bloggers purchase fake twitter and facebook followers to make advertisers fool that they have a large social media network. To promote their blogs, they create fake social media accounts also.

3. To do fraud with newbies by selling their useless services:

These self called "Pro Bloggers" try to trap the newbies by showing fake income reports. They say that they will make a newbie earn thousands of dollars within a week or a month if they use their SEO services or blogging coaching. Any new blogger gets impressed by them and pays them money to earn lots of money by getting the services of those spammer bloggers and finally gets nothing.
Actually these spammers work in a team of other spammers who have their own blogs. All of them publish fake income reports saying that after taking the services of XYZ blogger, they are now making lots of money. These spammers publish the blog url of other spammers saying that 'this blogger is my customer and I made him able to earn four figure or even more income within one week or month'.
The innocent newbie blogger believes them and day dreams of being a millionaire and falls into the trap of those spammers. A spammer creates so many fake profiles and create blogs with the name of those fake profiles and try to impress other people saying that those all (fake profiles) are his friends or customers who are making lots of money after joining his blogging coaching and using his SEO services.

4. To get the attention of advertisers

These spammers buy backlinks from high PR sites and buy backlink packages from different companies to get better alexa rankings and to increase page rank of their blogs. Then they purchase traffic from different companies who drive massive traffic to their sites using bots and social media promotion. Then they show that their alexa rankings and traffic is very good to generate revenue from advertisements. These fake reports attract advertisers and they give advertising contracts to these fake bloggers. In this way, they recover their spent amount for building traffic and backlinks.

5. To publicize themselves and their blogs:

When other bloggers visit the spammers' blogs, they get inspired from them and publish the interview of those spammers in their blogs. These interviews increase their publicity and drives traffic to their blogs which gives them more people to do fraud with. Generally, spammers use their fake profiles to promote them and publish their interviews on their self made fake blogs. You will never see the interview of such types of spammers on a well reputed site because the administrators of well reputed and genuine sites know the above points I mentioned in this article.
These things make the spammers popular in their locality and then they try to get the attention of local media to get featured in local newspaper of TV channel to get more audience.


If you know about SEO and Blogging, then it's a thing of common sense that blogging can't make you a millionaire over a night. If taking services or coaching from anyone could make you rich, then there was no need of doing any job or business. People could become rich by taking the coaching of those silly self called Pro Bloggers. Blogging is not a shortcut to make money and making huge amount of money online is not an easy task. It requires knowledge, patience and loyalty.
According to my personal experience, the power of these spammers is their huge network in social media. Actually most of the spammers have good knowledge of the easiest HTML also. They say that you should purchase templates from them because their templates are highly SEO friendly. But do you know what they do? They download templates from different sites (there are so many sites distributing free blogger and wordpress templates), change the credits and background colors and images of the template and sell it to their customers saying that they designed that template which is highly SEO friendly. If you send your own design and tell them to design the template for you, then they can't, sometimes they may heir other web designers to design the template for you, but in most of the cases they try to confuse you that the design you sent can't be good for SEO, the template they are offering is search engine optimized so you must use that template.
At the last, I'd like to say you that blogging can be a good source of making money online, but it is not like the way those spammers represent it. Blogging can't give you millions within a week if you are using it in a genuine way. The only thing behind success in blogging is HARD WORK with a little addition of LUCK.
So friends, don't be excited by seeing fake income reports, work hard on your blog and be loyal with your work. Get inspiration from great bloggers and learn from them instead of running behind the spammers.

Wishing you a happy and successful blogging...

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  1. Your views are correct. Bloggers attracting attention of many people on the Internet to show a fake report, which many people are confused. And the earliest start thinking about making more money.


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