Monday 24 March 2014

How to create android app without coding

How to create android app without coding
To create android apps, you must have the knowledge of android app development with codes. Android app developers are highly demanded professionals in the I.T. industry. But do you know, you can create simple games, web browsers, TV app, photo viewer app, youtube app etc without any knowledge of android coding..!! If you have a blog or website, then you can create an android app for your blog/site also without any coding. Let's check out how:

1. Go to and choose the category of your android app.
2. In this tutorial, I'm creating android app for my blog, so I'll select Website category.
choose your android app category
3. Now fill the form with your site details and click Create App button.
fill your details
4. Now at the next step, fill your details to create a free account on appsgeyser.
create account
5. At the next screen, your app will be ready to download. Just distribute the link given on that page through your site or share with your friends.
app published
Download our app from here : Download Link


  1. Mobile apps are hot today, but hiring a developer is too expensive. I am using online app making tool and create really cool apps.
    Check it yourself at

    1. I tried snappii and it was awesome. It has good number of apps and they can be customized also. I'll publish a tutorial of it on my site very soon. (h)


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