Friday 28 March 2014

Text To Speech App By PC Tricks Guru

Text To Speech App By PC Tricks Guru
Text to speech technology helps people who suffer from sight problems. There are so many software products available in the market which can convert any document into speech. But I'm not going to share any tool for converting documents into speech, instead, I'm gonna share a small tool which can speak out what you typed in it. This tool is created by PC Tricks Guru and can be used as a fun tool.

How to use Text to Speech App By PC Tricks Guru?

Using this tool is very simple. Just download the tool from the download link given at the end of this post and install it in your computer. After installing, you can run this tool from start menu. After opening the app, you can type your text in the text-box of this tool and then click "Speak It Baby" button to hear the text you typed.

Download Link For Text To Speech App By PC Tricks Guru.

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